About Us

Welcome to your new favorite cookie bakery.

We are Tuscany Cookies, a piece of Italy in the USA.

Tuscany is a central part of Italy, generally known for its artistic legacy, culture and wine. Now you can get to know another piece of Tuscan’s delicious way of life, by eating our gourmet cookie lines!

We bake our cookies from scratch. This way we can make sure the quality’s standard and the freshness of our ingredients. Imagine a cookie bakery with all real heart-warming, generous and delicious treats, made with Tuscan’s taste, texture and form. Add to that being sure that what you’re eating is 100% natural, no artificial preservatives included, no hydrogenated fat, only premium natural flavor. You can have all that, with our gourmet cookie bakery which has the best you will ever eat.

Our mission is to bring Tuscany’s tradition, taste and artistry to every American home. We want you to have a special moment with your friends, a breakfast with your family or just a moment by yourself, knowing that you can count on Tuscany Cookies to make it all sweeter. Afterall, we’re a gourmet cookie bakery and we’re working to comfort souls and minds with delicious cookies!

We are original, committed, genuine and proud.

We truly believe that if we make a really good cookie, customers will keep coming back! So everyday we do our BEST to keep making delicious desserts that people will really love. We only work with people who also believe in what they do and how we can change our world through delicious healthy food, so our bakers are nothing but fearless and passionate about what they do.

We’re improving every day!

In our cookie bakery, our products are made with nothing but the best ingredients, vegan friendly, and a secret recipe to a special gourmet cookie. Get to know better our fruity Cookie Pies and our stuffed Jelly Butter Cookies, made with natural fruit jam. If you’d like something more, we have butter cookies covered with chocolate. And don’t forget our incredible Coconut Macaroons!

To stay on the right path and create a unique experience that reflects in delicious gourmet cookies and good health, at affordable prices, we need to make sure that everything we do is natural and healthy.

To do that, we assume our parts being:

– Handmade
– 100% Natural Ingredients
– Real Fruit Jam Filling
– Made with Real Butter
– No Artificial Preservatives
– Sugar Made from Sugarcane
– Cage Free Farm Eggs Certified
– Vegan Friendly
– 0g Trans Fat

As a transparent and honest cookie bakery, we’re very proud to be baking tasty gourmet cookies with all natural, fresh ingredients only. That’s why we make the best cookies that taste just like home!

Tuscany Cookies – Tasty but healthy. Gourmet but accessible.

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